Amiana Resort

Nestled in a tranquil corner around 8 km away for the city centre, Amiana Nha Trang overlooks the sparkling waves and stunning sandy beaches of Nha Trang Bay. With the total area of 60 000 sq meters, Amiana Nha Trang offers various accommodations, ranging from deluxe rooms of 48 sq meters to luxury villa with direct sea view, private pool and an area up to 340 sq meters.

Based on the natural beauty and romantic ambiance, Asiatique Design has proposed a unique Asian architecture focusing on local patterns and decorations. Walking around the resort in the fading afternoon light and you may come across many traditional Vietnamese features, should it be a conical hat, a calameae handbag or landscape paintings depicting paddle fields. Asiatique Design has meticulously arranged and combined these intricate details to create an open, environmental-friendly living space but still preserve the privacy and elegance signature to any 5-star resort.