Ancient Faifo Restaurant

Situated in the heart of Hoi An, Ancient Faifo tours the visitors through a cultural-cuisine journey full of nostalgia and elegance. You will set off to explore Hoi An gourmet world in a boutique restaurant while the piano tunes back time to the glory days of early 18th century. Ranging from a la carte to set menus, food also amazes you with family recipes perfecting over hundreds of years or more experimental, Western-style options.

In order to preserve and emphasize the vintage beauty of Hoi An houses, Asiatique Design has adorned the walls with family heirlooms like porcelains, oil paintings and traditional furnishings. This attributes greatly to the uniquity and elegance of Ancient Faifo. In addition, local artworks are carefully displayed to both introduce Vietname artistic tradition and convey an upscale experience.