Anawrahta Cruise Ship

Anawrahta is proud to have the largest cabin space and the highest crew to passenger ratio of all vessels plying on the mighty Ayeyarwady River. Featuring three spacious decks and 23 luxurious cabins, this is an ideal option for you to witness the natural beauty of Myanmar and the peaceful pace of life along the river banks. Especially, a journey with Anawrahta means you can have many chances to taste magical Burmese cuisine and discover unique cultural-artistic values of this country.

Built to resemble the typical British colonial paddle steamer, this elegant vessel is the spotlight on Ayeyarwady River with two theme colors: white and brown. Besides, Asiatique Design also figured out how to mix the Burmese architectural and cultural impressions into Anawrahta's interior design. These could be found in intricately carved woodwork, polished lacquer, textured fabrics inspired by many Burmese ethnic minority groups or the combination of wooden dark patterns with the saffron and green of floral offerings in temples.