La Vallée de Dalat

Sprouting from the passion and ambition of Mr. Barry Israel and his wife, Mrs. Le Ngoc Khanh Tam, La Valle de Dalat has been "materialized" along the pine-covered hillside of dreamlike Da Lat. The enclosed residential development occupies an area of 10 000 sq meters with seven colonial French villas - the signature architecture in this misty valley. As of May 2015, three out of seven villas have been completed, providing a unique experience both elegant, vintage in essence and open, environmental-friendly in style.

La Valle de Dalat is said to be one of the most challenging projects for Asiatique Design, from forming the foundation on the gradual slopes to applying feng-shui principles to the whole community. In order to revive the upscale atmosphere of the 20th-century, colonial French mansions, Asiatique Design has chosen the combination of fine wooden materials and crystalline granite on the white background while the interior design is dotted with paintings, old closets and fireplaces. The common spaces are also well planned to provide cozy family-oriented moments, should it be the outdoor jacuzzi, living rooms with sofas or spacious patios to enjoy cool breezes of Da Lat.