Ancient Hue Restaurant

Ancient Hue Restaurant came into operation in 2007, situated in the garden houses of Phu Mong - Kim Long, about 1 km away from the Citadel. Comprising 5 old houses dating back to the 19th century, Ancient Hue introduces the royal cuisine experience, just like in the imperial heyday. Especially, visitors can immerse themselves in traditional Hue dishes, enjoy the imperial capital architecture and listen to Nha Nhac - a form of Vietnamese court music.  

In order to preserve this culture-cuisine complex, Asiatique Design has left 5 old houses intact with their original wood carvings. Stepping inside each house, you would come across refined lanterns, wooden tables and beautifully patterned, linen chairs - all are meticulously arranged to reflect a genuine environment back in Nguyen Dynasty. Most importantly, a ceramic mosaic screen stands in the heart of Ancient Hue, serving the feng shui significance as well as conveying a signature Hue passion.